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Continuing the Conversation

It’s been one month since the official “Shine a Light on Slavery” day. Do you remember seeing all of the red X’s on people’s hands, flooding your social media? Did you participate in the effort? Did you post on social? Did you start a conversation with someone to ‘shine a light’ on this ever-pressing issue?

With the intent to continue the conversation - we are posting our #endit picture now, a month later. We boast our mission to encourage individuals to ‘continue the conversation’. As a community of advocates for freedom – we have work to do, and this work spans beyond a single day, or a single post. This work must continue. We must continue to have passion to fight.

When Quoin was founded, we envisioned this coin necklace as a conduit into a bigger story - the trafficking story.  We wanted to serve a bigger purpose than simply selling a piece of jewelry. We knew how easily our story could be shared. We knew that people could easily be reached through this necklace and through this, become more and more aware of the issues of human trafficking. Specifically, the human trafficking happening in their own back yard.

With that said, it’s easy to create a link between what we’re doing at Quoin, and what the #endit Movement stands for. We are fighting the same fight. We are passionate for the same freedoms.  

Join us in the ongoing fight. Post your #endit picture now. Post it tomorrow. Purchase a necklace today to help tell the story. Volunteer with an organization fighting this fight. Regardless of what you do, start by starting the conversation.




It’s also been a little over a month since Super Bowl 53 was in Atlanta. Did you hear about the 169 arrests that were made in the Atlanta area and the 18 victims (9 Juvenile victim recovered & 9 adult victims identified) that were rescued? Did you hear about it in the news when it seems everyone was talking all about fighting human trafficking?

Even though the Super Bowl is over, sex trafficking continues as this is a problem 365 a year.  If you’re interested in creating #changeforgood here are some great organizations, these specific to Atlanta, but we’d be thrilled to help you find an organization in your community!  

·       Beloved Atlanta

·       Wellspring Living

·       Georgia Cares

·       Out of Darkness

·       Rescuing Hope

·       Street Grace

·       Haven ATL

Locals We LOVE | A Gift Guide
local Gift guide.jpg

The holidays are officially upon us. Literally, right on top of us. For some of you, the excitement is palpable. For others, you cringe at the reality that your gifts are not bought.. and your time is (really) running out. Fortunately, we’re here to help you take the plunge and dive in head first to finish up your shopping list; featuring some thoughtful and lovely gifts from local artisans that we love. Here is our first ever gift guide featuring ‘locals we love’. Happy shopping!

1. Parish Hoag | “Stylin’ 2” Abstract Painting

2. Apricity Ceramics | The Dew Collection, Trinket Dish

3. QUOIN | Change for Good Tee

4. QUOIN | Independent Coin Necklace

5. Glad & Young Studio | The Fanny Pack

6. Madison O’Brien | “Lightly Pink” Abstract Painting

7. Citizen Supply | ATL Block Felt Sweatshirt

8. SOBU Fragrance Co. | Candle, Aphrodite