We are an ethical lifestyle brand specializing in coin-focused jewelry to provide awareness and impact on the fight against human trafficking. We are committed to compassion and strive to celebrate the freedom and newfound joy of the women we serve.

Why human trafficking?

Our goal is to create beautiful jewelry that not only makes a fashion statement, but also sparks an important conversation. Atlanta ranks among the top cities for the highest rate of human trafficking, and we are dedicated to fighting for change.

WHAT's in a name?

Our business name is a nod to the coins we incorporate into our jewelry but spelled like the word meaning "the cornerstone of a building wall; providing strength for something damaged or weak.”


Our community partner is BeLoved Atlanta. BeLoved is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and the only two-year residential home & program for adult women surviving prostitution, trafficking, and addiction in Atlanta, GA. 

“We often look at women in prostitution as criminals, but we believe that each woman deserves to be respected by her community. She is gifted, strong, and trustworthy; she is a survivor."

-Amelia Quinn, Founder of BeLoved